Dark Knight vs Man of Steel

YES! Finally!
Another hero story from DCComics finally brought to the widesceen, movie that've been awaited by people in the entire universecosmicintercelestialgalaxy 
Yes, it's the one and only Batman vs Superman which will be played in 2016. And here's the trailer~~

I've watched that trailer for 4 times, can't get enough for it, and after watched it, I feel like I HAVE TO watch Man of Steel again. I'm a Superman fan btw.
So, why Batman fight Superman? I haven't read the comic, that's why I can't give an answer here, besides sometimes the movie is far different with comic right?

I've been reading comments on youtube,everyone have been givng statement here and there on which one is the best,DC or MARVEL.
Why can't people love both?
Indeed, Marvel has lots more superhero collections than DC, and the villains too. But, what people thinks first when they heard word "superhero" must be superman. I like DC as much as I like Marvel. But now, I think DC is slightly better, by watching trailer above, it;s much more better than ANT-man, cause seriously!!? ANT-man? Oh come on dudee.. even though the actions nice in ANT-man, but I still can't understand why an ANT!!
I'm looking forward to the DC movie lineup far more than I ever have for future Marvel movies. Keep up the good work guys!!

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Halinda Saraswati

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