Clutch Attack

Good night here from Indonesia~
As usual can't see the star cause the lights from citylights outshine them, and the sky covered with clouds. Sorry, not going to discuss about stars in my hometown now. It's about clutch.

verbverb: clutch; 3rd person present: clutches; past tense: clutched; past participle:clutched; gerund or present participle: clutching1.
grasp or seize (something) tightly or eagerly.
"he stood clutching a microphone"
synonyms:gripgraspclasp, cling to, hang on to, clenchhold More
become nervous and panicked.
"doctors could clutch up and lose control as easily as anyone"
nounnoun: clutch; plural noun: clutches1.
a tight grasp or an act of grasping something.
"she made a clutch at his body"
a person's power or control, especially when perceived as cruel or inescapable.
plural noun: someone's clutches"she escaped the clutches of her temperamental family"
NORTH AMERICANa slim, flat handbag without handles or a strap.
a mechanism for connecting and disconnecting a vehicle engine from its transmission system.
the pedal operating a vehicle's clutch.
adjective: clutch; comparative adjective: clutcher; superlative adjective: clutchest1.
(in sport) denoting or occurring in a critical situation in which the outcome of a game or competition is at stake.
"they both are hard-nosed players who seem to thrive in clutch situations"
(of a player or action) achieving or characterized by success at a critical moment in a game or competition.
"a clutch quarterback"

^^Copied from google when I typed " Clutch "

From the post title, it may seems like I'm a huge fan of clutch, but no. Truth be told, I neither hate it, nor like it. I prefer backpack, sling bag and bucket bag, cause when you're in the middle of shopping, ALONE (I prefer shopping alone, can focused and no one will make a fuss), your hands full of shopping bag, it will be difficult-really really really difficult to take out something from inside it or, when you attend a wedding reception and wanna have a food, are you going to hold your clutch between your armpit? Ugh, well NO for me. Thats why I prefer sling bag. So why I decided to write about it then?
Lately, whether it's online store or store inside malls, they sell clutch more than any other bag. Even the store showcase display them. 
While I browse in pinterest, some clutch pictures piqued my interest and force me to click them >////<

Love the colour mix and pattern

The beads and skull are just right

love the motive

this fur one, love it the most <3

Whoever own these cute and lovely clutch, I totally envy them T^T

Halinda Saraswati

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