Being productive by being positive

Today is July 30, only 2 weeks left before the 3rd semester start off. Yayyy~~ can't believe I'm on third semester now. Lots of books will be coming, but yet I haven't even packed my old books, buy new bookshelf, and tidy up my room. My room is such a mess, books and scrapbook paper thrown in every corner. -_-"
I wanted to do redecor, repainting on my room, cause the wall painting started to peel off, but I can't possibly paint my room on my own, cause my room is almost 4 meteres high. So, may be I'll try ask my dad to help me repaint my room, as the decor, I'll applying some tumblr or pinterest decor DIY ideas on it.
All these days, within the school break, I didn't do lots of productive things, but most of it were positive stuffs.

Anyway, I'll post what I did later in some other time. ><

Halinda Saraswati

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