Hisashiburi desu ne~

The last time I blogged, was December 28th 2014. A year ago(?)
Without even realizing, it's 2015 already. I'd make lots of excuses of why I didn't blog. So, yeah. lots of excuses.
Oh, and I forgot to mention that I study in Surabaya University (you can find it on Google). It's not a state university, but it's as good or I can say much more better than any state university :p  .
In the next 9days, I'll start my 2nd Semester.

What did I wish in the early January 1st 2015? Nothing I guess. Have no special wishes. Just, don't put my dad's work far from us.

love this banner and took it from mangahere I guess

Halinda Saraswati

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