Elsword Cosplay Team Project


Finally I decided to join any cosplay thingy..
Just so you know, cosplaying alone is lonely, so I prefer cosplaying together with friend which means Cosplay team. xD

My friend Mizukichin will cosplay Eve: Code Nemesis , she is so kindly asked me to join xD

As for me, I'll cosplay as Elesis Crimson Avenger

Honestly, I quiet hesitant to pick Crimson avenger. Why? You see her dress, it's sooooo short and I never wear something "that" short :v
But luckily after doing some research, there actually some people abroad have cosplayed her and did something to the clothes and okayy... I'm in and I'll be her xD

Elesis Crimson Avenger 1

Elesis Crimson Avenger 2

Elesis Crimson Avenger 3

Elesis Crimson Avenger 4

Elesis Crimson Avenger 5
See... see.... see.... kyaaaa... I love elesis, but I haven't played elsord again since I got too busy with final exam - national exam - university - and so many other real world duty :"

Image source:
Eve & Elesis :
Elesis Crimson Avenger 1 - 4 ---> found it somewhere on tumblr and deviantart
Elesis Crimson Avenger 5 http://elieai.blogspot.com/

Halinda Saraswati

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