Elesis Crimson Avenger

Like what I wrote on my previous post. I'll cosplay as Elesis Crimson Avenger.
Why from all of Elesis classes I pick Crimson Avenger. I just feel that she is like me.

 "They shouldn't have messed with me"

Elesis's background: Despite the haze that looms in her mind, one thing is absolutely clear… She will stop at nothing to get her Vengeance.

Yeaaaa... She is just like me or I'm just like her...ahh whatever ...

As my cosplay motto (?) is or are perhaps
Don't let your body size determine who you cosplay. Cosplay who you like, not who you look like. (ooo… I made a little rhyme there >.<) Nobody has a perfect body. If you are self conscious, or if you feel that a costume isn’t just right for your body type, you can modify it to your liking. Remember, cosplayers come in ALL shapes, sizes and colors. This is a silly hobby, so don't take it too seriously. This is about having fun!

Crimson Avenger is definitely sooo MARVEL-ous XD (taken somewhere on tumblr)

Crimson Avanger Releasing banner

Crimson Avenger Fanart from Deviantart

Demons drove her insane :v

Her expression here somehow look like Morgiana (Magi) from what episode(?)

Image source:
Somewhere from pixiv - tumblr- deviantart

Halinda Saraswati

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