New Template

Akhirnya. Setelah sekian lama berada dalam pencarian yang panjang dan melelahkan. Ketemu jugaaaa~~
Ketemu apa? apa? apa?
Template. Yupp,blog Template.
A simple yet elegant template. As I like anything simple but elegant.
Seriously I kinda shock and laughed at the same time. Its template name is Galauness. I read the "Galau" make me laugh. Am I THAT GALAU right now? 
Bahh... I loved it anyway. Perhaps you guys I think I always change my template averytime, well i'm still searching something "that's me". And my search has come to and end. Even if it's my very first time after 3years using XML Template. I kinda foget a lot about it. = ="


halinda saraswati

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